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Purnima Metal provides Treat Gas carburising, Carbonitriding, Stress relieving, Annealing. Metal Treatment / Heat Treatment / Consulting Services Available. http://purnimametaltreat.com

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Metal Treatment / Heat Treatment / Consulting Services Available
Metal Treatment Service (MTS) provides a wide range of performance enhancing processes particularly suited to mass produced components. MTS utilises modern computer controlled atmosphere furnaces with electronic data logging to ensure a reproducible, high quality outcome.

Metal Treatment Processes include:

Furnace Pot



• Shot Peening
• Air Peening
• Gas carburising*
• Carbonitriding*
• Neutral hardening*
• Carbon restoration*
• Austempering*
• Stress relieving
• Annealing.

We also offer metallurgical consulting services.
Fully computerised 20 cubic foot oil quench furnace line.

*These processes are serviced by six continuous furnaces and four sealed quench furnaces with both oil and salt quenching options available. Our furnaces are supported by qualified metallurgists through a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory.

For further information on the services we offer, send us an email or alternatively send an online Inquiry form.

Through Hardening – Metal Treatment Services
Through Hardening Description:
Hardening process that is achieved by austenising and quenching with a carbon neutral atmosphere (i.e. no carbon enrichment). This will provide a tensile strength (throughout the part) upon quenching which is tempered primarily to increase the ductility and toughness.

Component suitability:Heat Treatment Furnace Pot
Axles, shafts, bushes, pins

Advantages of Through Hardening:
Through hardening can provide high strength throughout the part.

Typical materials:
4140, XK1340, High carbon bearing steels, tool steels

Through Hardening Furnace types available at MTS
Sealed quenched furnaces, rotary retort furnaces.

Possible limitations.
Distortion of component could be expected and a grinding allowance may be necessary.
Size & Shape

For further information on the services we offer, send us an email or alternatively send an online Inquiry form.

Hardening & TemperingOil Tank
We are engaged in offering our customers with specialized Hardening and Tempering services. These solutions are delivered using heat treatment process that involves use of heating or chilling, usually to extreme temperatures for achieving a desired result such as hardening or softening of a material. The process is done under the expert supervision of our professionals, who utilize latest technologies.


Purnima Metal Treatment – Provide services for D2, EN Series, other Metal Hardening & Tempering with Annealing services.

Purnima Metal Treat

  • Heat Treatment
  • Metal Treatment
  • D2,EN Series
  • Hardening
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Salt Bath
  • Carburizing,services
  • Stress Relieving
Purnima Metal Treat

Purnima Metal Treat



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Stress relieving is done by subjecting the parts to a temperature of about 75 ºC (165 ºF) below the transformation temperature,line A1 on the diagram, which is about 727 ºC (1340 ºF) of steel—thus stress relieving is done at about 650 ºC (1202 ºF) for about one hour or till the whole part reaches the temperature. This removes more than 90% of the internal stresses. Alloy steels are stress relieved at higher temperatures. After removing from the furnace, the parts are air cooled in still air.

Annealing, in metallurgy and materials science, is a heat treatment wherein a material is altered, causing changes in its properties such as hardness and ductility. It is a process that produces conditions by heating to above the critical temperature, maintaining a suitable temperature, and then cooling. Annealing is used to induce ductility, soften material, relieve internal stresses, refine the structure by making it homogeneous, and improve cold working properties.

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